new cross mapping spaces for commons sunday 16th of june

During our first meeting as New Cross Commoners we mapped New Cross and the surroundings locating some places of commons and of enclosure. On Sunday 16th, after several months of exploration of the neighborhood, we will have a picnic at Fordham Park in order to map again the area together.
We will add on the map the new places we have visited so far, the resources we came across with and also some abandoned places we might consider to take care of in the future. The Commoner Caterina will provide a big map and cook some vegetarian rice for everybody, but feel free to bring more food to share. Please bring also a blanket!
It will be great if before coming you could fill and print out the little map below (or if you prefer think about it, write down, whatever you like…). The map asks you to do an exercise: during your normal journey towards/around New Cross, can you see some abandoned places? (pieces of land, buildings, etc) Can you think about some New Cross’s natural or artificial resources we should have more access to? Can you think about places where commoning is happening that we didn’t explore yet?
We meet at 11.30 in front of the New Cross Learning (library) and then we go together to Fordham Park. After this meeting we’ll somehow take a summer break, and we’ll focus on a NXC publication to document what we’ve done in the first months. This mapping on sunday will be also useful for us to think how to continue from september onward, on the bases of the information gathered on the map. Come along!
caterina NEW CROSS MAP_Page_1

On a big blackboard-map of New Cross we mapped these type of places:

– abandoned spaces we might consider to take care of

– natural or artificial resources we should have more access to

– places where a kind of commoning is happening

This activity responds to the need of mapping spaces in New Cross that could be used to run our activities in the future.

We discussed the desire to have a physical place where to propose activities, involving people living in New Cross in the very construction of the place and it use and function, inviting neighbour to come up with ideas to be discussed and tried out. We talked about the importance to build relationships with other existing initiatives in the area – the process of mapping could be used to create or reinforce those relationships. We shared ideas about how to make our projects sustainable: an occupation would need a full time engagement; if we manage to get a space from Goldsmiths, the Council, or a private (will we need to constitute a legally recognized organization?) we won’t have to put energy to protect it. Inspired by Doina, we talked about nomadism, about the importance of being prepared to move to another space, hence to design structures that can be transportable, but at the same time of defending the space you got, exercising a political and politicizing right to stay, and allowing for a continuation beyond a physical location. We also talked about the possibility of getting a caravan and going around New Cross to engage with different people and situations, as the r-urban people in Hackey Wick do.

mapping-NX1 mapping-NX3


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