new cross people’s kitchen 14th of december st james hall


kitchen13kitchen5kitchen23Image Image (2)The New Cross people’s kitchen is not just about bringing different people together and getting to know new allies or participants for our community projects, it is not just a place for community networking and for thinking and organising other projects. It becomes a political space, where people could think, discuss and learn a different way of living and being together, starting from the very micro practice of organizing the people’s kitchen collectively, in all its aspects. Only inasmuch the people’s kitchen itself is a transformative experience it can become a platform for social and political change in the neighbourhood. We shift from the (capitalistic) us-and-them model of serving, entertaining and doing charity, to one of learning from each other, learning to organize together, learning to take care of each other, learning to live our everyday lives by coming together and cooperating (commoning).

Sharing: to facilitate and organise a kind of sharing which is not just one-to-one but collective. Usually time banks are restricted to one to one sharing. We talked about the importance of questioning the opposition between “what do I get” and “what do I give” that often time banks re-enforce. We should think about different questions to be asked, to make sharing something else than a strict “do ut des” (I give you to get something in return). Questions like: what would you like to learn from other people in the neighbourhood? do have any “secret” skill that you rarely have the chance of using? do you have any “hidden” passion that you had to neglect because of your job or for other reasons? do you have anything (a space, a tool or machine) that you don’t use anymore because you don’t have the time, or because it would be too hard for you to use it by yourself? etc.



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