visit to the Field and walk with rene and ayreen

We started at The Field 385 Queen’s Road with a discussion on the space itself and on gentrification and and PAH Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca (Platform of people Affected by Mortgages) came out as a great example of resistance against gentrification, and at something that as commoners we could look into. There is some great material here: Also, we could meet people in Lambeth similarly organizing around evictions.

We then asked Rene and Ayreen (from 16 beaver, NY), who were in New Cross for the first time, to take us around the neighbourhood. We went to Telegraph Hill and ended up at the self-built houses in Greenstreet Hill where we had a chat with someone living there.

Some of us attended the course on the commons Rene and Ayreen organized throughout the month of March in different location in London like the Common House, nowhere, Mayday Rooms, the idea is to continue with the course, check the website for info:

Hopefully Rene and Ayreen will be back in London soon and we’ll have another walk in New Cross with them. In the meantime we could practice collective walks ourselves, or by inviting other people who don’t know New Cross and could “lead” us. Not just to look at the neighbourhood differently but also to talk to people we could encounter on the way (it might be good to read together Robert Walser’s “The Walk” to get inspired).the field march 2014DSC_2033



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