The Field

Hi people, friends and commoners, we won’t post much on this home page in the next months, we are all busy at the Field, 385 Queens Road, come down and join us to think and make together the Filed a place of commoning!

We will still carry on with the nxc monthly reading and possibly document them in the toolbox page. After the last one on the Exodus collective the next will be on Park Fiction and Isola Art Centre.



The New Cross Commoners and The Field

The new cross commoners is an experiment in commoning which started at the beginning of 2013 and soon got intertwined with the life of the Field. We started with the nxc by exploring the neighbourhood to understand how people organize themselves from below – commoning around housing, knowledge, food, care (at the New Cross Library, Sanford Housing Co-op, New Cross Poetry Workshop…). To learn from, in and with the neighbourhood has been the primary activity of the nxc: the nxc’s commoning has been developed primarily (but not only!) around knowledge, through a desire for learning not just from books but also from experience, of moving away from the academic production of enclosed knowledge, of turning theory into practice and action. In september 2013 we started experimenting with people’s kitchens, bringing together the conviviality of communal eating with discussions about the life of the neighbourhood: we have consolidated a format that has been later used in other contexts in New Cross (e.g. Our New Cross). Throughout all these experiences we also took care of the nxc / ourselves as a forming, changing, open collective, and when the Field became a reality a bunch of people identifying themselves as commoners was ready to be the first component of what is now the group organizing the Field. Since then the nxc has organized monthly meetings, always open to everybody, to carry on exploring the neighbourhood (walks with Neil / Transpontine to Convoy Wharf, with Rene and Ayreen / 16 Beaver, bat walk with Cliff Hammett) and read about other experiences to learn how to rethink and reshape the / our life in the neighbourhood (e.g. on militant research, ollas comunes, exodus collective, gentrification in New Cross, park fiction, isola art centre…). What we have been learning with the nxc is documented in the “toolbox” section of the website. Much of it has accompanied people in thinking and shaping the organization of the Field. The nxc will continue accompanying the Field as a kind of wandering free school open to everybody and to everybody’s contribution – if you like to propose a walk, an exploration, a workshop, a reading that could help people change for the better the life in the New Cross, get in touch:


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