art as commons: collective collage and poetry making 07.12.14

Art as commons is an experiment that aims to make use of art as a shared resource, against the control of the State and the enclosure of the art market and the “art world”. As New Cross commoners for more than a year we have been using texts to learn how to organize different forms of commoning in our life. With art as commons we’ll also try to make use of art to explore different ways of sustaining our lives collectively.

This session is facilitated by Rosie. We will be making collaborative collages and poems, recycling the text of old paperback novels and images from magazines. Inspired by ‘The Humument’ by Tom Phillips and the ‘cut ups’, political collage practice of rearranging texts and images, we will explore together the subversive and revolutionary nature of these forms of art!

This session is very much open to those who do not draw or paint or write poetry and who are not professional artists or writers. Art as commons is art beyond its professionalization. How to make of art making a practice that intersects with everyday life? How can it respond to everyday needs and desires?




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