the 24 hours commons – 15.03.15 10-18 at the field

An effort at the commonning of labor, management, design, production, profits during a 24 hour experiment.
Using resources available from the commons.
(an 8 hour work day, 36 hour delivery time).

In this experiment, we’ll come together and from scratch we will design, build and sell a useful product within a fixed period of time using collected, gathered and donated common goods.

What will we make: tables? bread? bags of dirt? mugs? Come and help decide. Profits will be collectively managed as well. All unsold things and unused resources will be returned to the commons (possible ground to dust).

This is an event between art and production in that there is an artistic process (creative play with the social and material) and a productive goal (the making of something to sell for a profit).

Drop by anytime to participate or come by in the afternoon to buy whatever useful item we decide to make.
Note…10 AM is the time when the work floor opens and initial production decisions (profit distribution work flow, labor distribution etc…) will be made. Stop by then if you want a say.


4pm-8pm 15 March @ The Field New Cross #24hourcommons
385 Queens Road SE14

Forbidden Goldsmiths Archive: a Fortune-telling Experience
Choose five images from the forbidden archive to be projected in our miniature cinema and be told your fortune by our team of image interpreters.
Price: 50 pence.

Pasta in the envelopes: hand-made common-sourced freshly made
Tagliatelle a la NX and Camberwell Farfalle 

Common flower and eggs!

Individualized hand-crafted packaging with unique drawings
Limited edition available only on the 15th March from the Field New Cross.
Price: 70g envelope donations from 50p.

Support commoners! Enjoy fresh common produce! Help us fundraise to keep the Field open!

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