New Cross Commoners Reading Group- Ursula Le Guin’s ‘Future Archeologies’

The text for the reading group will be extracts from Ursula K Le Guin’s Always Coming Home – at once a novel, a critical utopia and an ‘archaeology of the future’. With them in mind, we’ll reflect on and map processes of transition: of arrivals, changes and departures in our lives and the places we live and work. What are these transitions, how are they marked, and how do they relate to conditions of precarity in contemporary society? All are welcome!

The session will be at 7pm, on Monday July 13th, at The Field, 385 Queens Road, SE145HD
Main Reading:UKL_AlwaysComingHome_MainReading

Supplementary Reading:UKL_AlwaysComingHome_SuppReading

If you want to read about what we did in the last session on Guattari’s Cartographies (not necessary for this session, but does explain where we’re picking up from) you can read a summary here.

kesh map


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