Commoners at Deptford Town Hall

Here you can find an article on the event that Niel wrote for transpontine:


New Cross Commoners warmly invite you to share a meal and a conversation at the town hall chamber during Being Human festival.

On the 14th November Goldsmiths’ historic Deptford Town Hall will host an evening of open reading and discussions on the possibilities of commoning in New Cross, organised around the preparation and eating of food. Bread and spreads will be prepared and eaten by community groups, historians,academics and local people to explore the politics of access, place and eating together.


Event’s Programme:

From 6pm food will be collectively cooked at the Field, at 385 Queens Road, New Cross.

From 8 to 10pm we’ll be in the Deptford Town Hall Council Chamber, New Cross Road, SE14 6NW to eat and discuss.

There would be an open mic round happening during the evening and we invite you to join and participate in the conversation and share your experience of the town hall, local area, food, and the relationship between Goldsmiths and New Cross.

We are also inviting local groups and people to use the event at the end to ask for things and contacts they may need, announce local events and look for help.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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