job de-centre at the Field

on Saturday 6th of February 2016 2.30-5.30

Hey friends, commoners, newcrossers… are you working too much, or not enough to pay the bills? Do you spend long hours in front of the computer to look for work, keep yourself active in the job market, dealing with benefits bureaucracy? Do you feel anxious because you don’t know how long your job is going to last, when the flat where you live will be sold or the rent increase once again? Or how long your relationships with friends, partners and lovers will go on for? So do we!!

The job de-centre is an experiment to help us work less and learn how to rely less on money and more on each other. It functions like an indefinitely repeated drop in session, a mutual coaching, a mentorship where everybody can be the expert: people bring together their skills to heal each other from individualism, consumerism, competition and all the other illnesses capitalism brings with it, and to give mutual advice on how to counter precarity and collectivise care and local resources.

We are building a job de-centering practice and putting together a toolkit that will help us de-centralise our lives from work and the alienation and exploitation that come with it. These are some of the tools we got so far: mapping-skills database, fake therapy / political therapy, de-individualising diagrams and questionnaires, permaculture cards, Soma games and Theatre of the Oppressed exercises, third leg analysis, non-violent communication techniques… Come to try out this stuff and help making the toolkit bigger. And help us building a database of knowledge and desires, so that we can try to activate them in connection with what happens at the Field and in New Cross.


Some notes and pictures of the day:

body work: My hand touches my knee but it’s also the other way round my knee touches my hand. To learn to pay attention to our bodies whilst working. we rarely do that, when we work our body is subjected to its optimisation, it becomes functional to work. To move from your body accepting working conditions to your body resisting working conditions. To develop body awareness not in order to accept but to resist oppression and exploitation.

non violent communication: To gain clarity on our needs and on other people’s needs. To learn how to express needs. Emotions are neither good nor bad in themselves. The strategies to get what we need are different, some are good some are bad, violent strategies are bad, co-operative strategies are good. Rebellion as not being in control? To develop a different kind of rebellion? Civil disobedience.

permaculture cards: the group used a case of conflict of values someone got involved with at work and picked a permaculture card to reflect on it: “catch and store energy” helped people to rethink the conflict in different terms, through a reading of energy exchanges. After this reading the group did an exercise in writing complaints about work + discussion. Complaints as elegy, as lamentation.

poetry group:

2016-02-06 16.28.40 2016-02-06 16.18.36


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