job de-centre on sunday 8th of may

The next job de-centre will be on Sunday the 8th of May from 3 to 6 at The Field.

As usual, people will propose activities and we’ll decide together what to do (or not to do). The attempt is always to think and talk in unusual ways about work, unemployment, precarity, how to live with less money and with each others’ help. And hopefully it will be not simply thinking and talking.

Marc would like to facilitate a workshop on “doing a lot more with nothing: ‘more meaning, less matter’ a transversal shifting to everything unreally good.”

Cliff and Alex will propose an activity on “how we consume data and how data consumes us (e.g. giving people their data back in the form of tea blends)”.

Rosie will be “leading a workshop around Joanna Hedva’s article ‘Sick Woman Theory’, which she wants to share because of its importance to goals of the Job de-centre.”

To find out more you’ll have to make it!


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