From June 2014 onwards

We meet once a month to read and discuss something together, not at Goldsmiths any more but at the Field instead (yessssss!!!). We are going to be more flexible with the monthly date so get in touch to join the mailing list if you like to be updated.

From October 2013 onwards

We are going to meet every third monday of the month to read a text together – usually at 7pm at the Goldsmiths cafeteria, main building (send us an email to join the mailing list for more info).

We organise people’s kitchen and more activities with other local allies – join the mailing list to be updated.

September 2013

Saturday 14th of September 2 – 4pm Collectivizing needs workshop at Party in the Park, Fordham Park – with New Cross Community Survey.

June 2013

Sunday the 16th we’ll be in Fordham Park from 11.30 for a mapping of places of commons in New Cross (empty buildings, resources we could use, etc.). After this meeting we’ll take a break for the summer! This will be also a meeting to think what will happen after the summer and how to make use of this map from september…

Saturday the 15th we’ll be from 3 to 6 at the Polish restaurant behind Sanford housing coop 194 Trundleys Road SE8 5JE to organize a NXC publication we’ll work on over the summer.

Monday the 10th at 5pm in the Hobgoblin we’ll discuss a questionnaire made by the commoner Kasparas for a militant investigation he is conducting.

Saturday 8th, we will go to this event: Organising in our communities, struggling for change: a practical day working towards mass grass roots resistance and beyond
10 am – 5 pm at Resource for London, 356 Holloway Road, London N7 6PA

Tuesday 4th, the architects Doina Petrescu from AAA and Kim Trogal will be with us from 3.30pm until about 7pm, at the New Cross Library.

Saturday 1st, workshop on health and care. We will read a text by Silvia Federici (On elder care) and Coco Chang will share a series of massage methods to heal shoulder and neck ache. We meet at 12 noon at Brockley Market and will then move to Hilly Fields Park.

May 2013

Saturday 18th, we meet at 11.30 in front of Deptford train station for a visit to the Deptford riverfront guided by Neil of transpontine. We’ll talk about shipbuilding and about the redevelopment of Convoys Wharf, which is part of Deptford’s process of gentrification.

Saturday 11th, workshop on collectivizing needs and resources, 11am at the New Cross Cutting

April 2013

Saturday 27th, we meet at 2pm at NX Learning and then we’ll move somewhere to learn how to brew beer

March 2013

Saturday, 2nd March, 10.30 at Burgess Park Food Project

Monday, 11th March, 7.30pm, Loafers, Richard Hoggart Building (Main Building), Goldsmiths (Nr.27 on the campus map)

Saturday, 16th March, Circulation of the Commons – all day workshop, 10.30am to 6.00pm, Lockwood Building, Goldsmiths College (Nr. 37 on the campus map)

Saturday, 23th March, 1.30pm NX Learning, planning session

Monday, 25th March, 7.30pm, common films, meeting point: Loafers, Richard Hoggart Building (Main Building), Goldsmiths (Nr.27 on the campus map)

February 2013

Saturday, 9th February, 1pm, NX Learning

Saturday, 16th February, 1pm at NX Learning or 1.30pm at Sanford Housing Coop

Monday, 18th February, 7.30pm, in front of Loafers, Richard Hoggart Building (Main Building), Goldsmiths (Nr.27 on the campus map)

Monday, 25th February, 7.30pm, Loafers, Richard Hoggart Building (Main Building), Goldsmiths (Nr.27 on the campus map)

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