Here are some ideas for places to visit and activities that came out from commoners’ meetings.

Something we are learning from the readings we are doing is that commoning implies a “non-homogeneous community” of people. We should think ways to get more locals involved, people of different age and class, students and not students and so on. Some of the activities below could help to cultivate the transversality of the commoners (film screenings, free cooking lessons, poetry readings…) let’s think about this together. Why is important for a commoning “community” not to be homogeneous? Not because variety is beautiful, but because there are different people living in New Cross, and a common is something everyone should potentially be able to have access to, make use of, organize and engage with.

Free porridge for schoolkids in the morning / To read about Black Panthers Freedom Schools

Presentation on ecovillages and communes in Italy and on Genuino Clandestino.

To screen films that have to do with commoning + discussion afterwards.

Skipping sessions in New Cross + people’s kitchens.

To engage with anti-gentrification in Deptford, with the Friends of the Old Tidemill Garden http://assembly-se8.tumblr.com/ and the neighbourhood plan http://deptfordaction.org.uk/

To think together a way of getting involved in local struggles and campaigns like Save Lewisham Hospital http://www.savelewishamhospital.com/

To organize free cooking courses (+ discussions!) in community centres like Barnes Wallis.

To make a drift + mapping of New Cross, looking for enclosures, for “misused private [and public] land and property” to be reclaimed (Stuart Hodkinson).

To have a beer brewing workshop and drink the beer during a New Cross drift.

To find out more about home school communities in New Cross (Bridget).

To have a day of sharing clothes and other stuff.

To do foraging in New Cross and make jams. See for example this: http://growsheffield.com/abundance/

To have a pickle workshop with vegetables in season that shops would throw away, preferably peppers, courgettes and aubergines, rather than onion and cabbage that you can get all year long anyway (that is – Mediterranean rather than English pickle!).

To take part in a three sided football match with Deptford Three Sided Football Club

To organise small activities in the streets where we could talk to people – e.g. collage making as a way to initiate conversations with people. To learn to ask questions to each other and to different people and to organise and take action around those questions (militant research)

To organise direct action / casework with the help of SolFed and HASL.

WISHLIST FOR NEW CROSS PEOPLE’S KITCHEN (gathered at the people’s kitchen itself):

To use questions about different issues that have to do with new cross, with reproduction and with the people’s kitchen, also as a way to connect the people’s kitchen to what’s going on in the neighbourhood and in our lives. How can the people’s kitchen have an impact on our everyday lives? On working, learning, eating, caring…

Invite the New Cross poetry workshop to organise activities / read poetry.

Make music (ask people in the invitation to bring instruments)

Open mic; Skill swap; Cooking lessons; A hackspace (talk about it)

Skipping suggestions / workshop / discussion

Invite people to talk about food activism

Activities for kids (anarchist pedagogy); Activities for families (collectivization of resources beyond the nuclear family, alternative models to the nuclear family, queer families…)

To challenge ideas of multiculturalism; To collaborate with other collectives and people (Somali etc)

To watch the documentary on the black panthers breakfast + discussion

To have a guided visit of the places where we get food: flower power bread factory, new coven garden market, etc.

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